Hello everyone,

The European Men Championships, organised by the BTBF ended yesterday.
Including the arrivals and departures of everyone, the event has taken a period of 2 weeks.

During these 2 weeks, a huge work was done by a team of volunteers and our secretary: administration, logistics, services, accommodation, media, arbitration, photos, etc. ...
Each of these volunteers, with Sonja and Philippe, have with their dedication and work, contributed to the success of this event, for which we received thanks and congratulations of many delegations, as well as of the ETBF.

We want to thank you all and we appreciate the tremendous work that you have done during the last 2 weeks.
Your work and dedication have contributed to a positive image of our Federation and its members.
We also want to thank the whole team of the centre Bowling Stones Wemmel for their magnificent work throughout the whole Championship.

Marc Beaufays
President of the Organising Committee
Dominique Collignon
President BTBF

Congratulations to all ball winners donated by Storm

Martine Vanden Abeele

Visit Brussels

There is a train station (Diegem) at 450m from the hotel.
Brussels-Central station is only a 15 minute ride by train.
Download the train schedule to and from Brussels

Congratulations Martin Larsen

podium euro millions

Euro Millions had a contest and its winners received VIP assistance during the finals of the All Events. After an explanation of our sport they witnessed a bizarre contest between Martin Larsson of Sweden and the always cheerful young Finn Juhani Tonteri.
After that they were allowed to photograph the new European champion.

Podium Teams

podium teams

 Perttu Jussila
Sami Lampo
Joonas Jähi
Jari Ratia
Juhani Tonteri
Osku Palermaa

 Mattias Wetterberg
Jesper Svensson
Peter Hellström
Markus Jansson
Pontus Andersson
Martin Larsen

 Patrick Stiel
Thomas Gross
Alexander Rauscher
Daniel Hahn
Leopold Grundschober
Michael Loos

 Jesper Agerbo
Carsten Warming Hansen
Jimmy Dan Mortensen
Mik Stampe
Markus Bergendorff
Thomas Larsen

Podium Trios

podium Trios

 Carsten Warming Hansen
Jesper Agerbo
Thomas Larsen

 Tobias Börding
Pascal Winternheimer
Oliver Morig

 Glenn Morten Pedersen
Oyvin Kulseng
Tore Torgersen

 Pontus Andersson
Peter Hellström
Markus Jansson

Podium Doubles

podium doubles

 Joonas Jähi
Osku Palerma

 Jimmy Dan Mortensen
Jesper Agerbo

 Pascal Winternheimer
Tobias Börding

 Oliver Morig
Marco Baade

Podium Singles

podium singles

 Jesper Agerbo

 John Wells

 Pontus Andersson

 Mark Jacobs


Click here to the download the LaneMap.

Click here to download the oil pattern.

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The European Men Championship 2016

To be conducted on 17-28 August 2016 in Brussels, Belgium



Hosted by Bowling Stones Wemmel
Following an agreement with the Belgium Bowling Sport Federation